Otautau Vets Ltd
Otautau Vets Ltd (OVL) is a contract practice that has grown steadily since the company was formed in 2001, employing eight vets and six support staff members but still managing to enjoy the relaxed, family-feel of a small, independent mixed practice.

Otautau Vets LimitedThe main aim of the practice is to provide sound, ethical and professional veterinary advice and services. We place high priority on clinical case management of all domesticated species and we aim for the most appropriate course of action to improve the health, productivity and profitability of your animals. The animal health services we provide and products we supply are varied and vast, so it is always worth an enquiry.

In addition to routine clinical and advisory work, we encourage all staff to develop their areas of interest which are too many to list here. For example Louise Ingram has a MACVSc in Ruminant Nutrition as well as a Masters in Veterinary Medicine and Ashleigh Dobson is an Accredited Fonterra demerit relief advisor. 

We also provide extra-mural teaching to both Veterinary and Nursing Students, with veterinary students often making the long trip from overseas to gain experience of the larger scale farming practices within NZ. If you would like further information with regard to ‘seeing Practice’ we would like to hear from you.

Otautau Vets Ltd is contracted to the Western Southland Veterinary Club. This was formed in 1972 to provide local veterinary services and remains committed to its purpose. Included in its activities is are scholarship schemes; if these interest you please do contact us.